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Edge Explore Battery meter calibration

I went went out for a ride last week. I hadn't used the device in a few months but battery was indicating 100% so I didn't charge it.

I followed a preloaded course for the ride which took 2 hours 20 mins. In that time the battery meter reading had dropped to 45%.

I then charged it up and left it running on my desk (Not following a course but just recording while stationary). Now I got 6 hours until the meter dropped to 0% and another 6 hours before the unit switched off. (Total 12 hours)

I charged it up and repeated the experiment again. Next time it ran for 8 hours 45 before showing 0% but expired after only another 30 mins. (Total 9 hours 15mins).

I'm using latest firmware (5.30) and I didn't use battery saver in any of the above tests. Screen brightness was set at 30%.

What's the best way to calibrate the battery meter? I thought it might be to fully discharge as I have been doing which does seem to sort of work, but I don't like that the battery life had dropped from 12 hours to 9:15. Should I be leaving it on the charger for a while after it shows 100%?

  • There is a step missing from these directions, when do you plug the charging cable in?  Trying to factory reset an Edge Explorer 2 that badly needs a battery recalibration (it only gives an hour or two of riding time).

  • In the directions you can read: "This can be achieved by doing a full hard reset of the device immediately after it is connected to the charger"
    This means you have to do the hard reset as soon as possible after connecting the device to the external charger. You can wait for the normal main menu to appear, then press the buttons a.s.a.p..