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Edge Explore goes blank and locks up during ride

Had my Edge Explore screen go blank and lock up twice during yesterday's ride.  Started late last year and is now practically an every ride thing.  When it happens the device is completely unresponsive.  After a few minutes, holding the power button for 10 seconds brings it back, and when it comes back it's aware a ride is in progress and the data from the earlier part of the ride is intact.  It used to initiate a crash alert during most of these lockups until I disabled it and deleted my emergency contact.

Is anybody else having this problem?  I see it mentioned on the Edge 830 forum.  I began the repair process (I'm out of warranty) and was quoted $130.  I don't want to do it and just get sent a refurbished unit that has the same issue.  My device worked fine for a year.  Then the issue started, I believe after a software upgrade....

  • I had this issue on Garmin, send to them my device. They gave me a refurbished with the same isso and even upgrading the firmware for 5.40 it still happening a lot

  • I have same issue since my last Garmin Edge. I send it to Garmin and they gave me a refurbished with the same error that when recalculating a new route it gave me a black screen even upgrading for the new firmware 5.40. It is very frustrating! 

  • Garmin have told me they recognise the issue but as yet they are unable to solve it so getting a replacement is not a solution…. They have said that they don’t believe that the new explore 2 has the the same problem but they won’t upgrade me and referred me back to the retailer (Halfords) who are yet to reply to my request for an upgrade solution!! …. Interested to know if anyone with an explore 2 can confirm the issue has been solved!!! 

  • Yes , this! My refurbished unit they sent me does the same thing. I'm waiting to see if the new Explore 2 is the "solution".

  • I've returned mine for credit at Halfords they gave me 10% discount on an explore 2 it doesn't appear to blank the display like the original so i assume it wont have the same issues

  • Was it still under warranty? 

  • Yep 2yr warranty… even if it wasn’t I’d still suggest it doesn’t perform as advertised!! 

  • My Edge Explore 2, bought Nov 22 because  Garmin no longer supported the Touring plus, just dies from time to time, even after an overnight recharge it sometimes refuses to open. Then it can also die during a ride.  The magic trick is to connect it to a pc and hold the on button for about a minute. I've gone through the chat routine with Luna but ended up with a mealy mouthed company speak which says they are working on it. So what to do? Go back to the Sale of Goods Act and demand a refund from the supplier?

  • Please note that there is a separate forum section for the Explore 2.

    My own Explore 2 behaves flawless in this respect from the beginning.
    If you have serious issues with your device I'd return the device and demand a refund.

  • Same problem here with a second hand Explore.
    Even more: sometimes the screen is not blanc but not responsive during a few minutes, showing f.i. ‘turn left after 50 meters’ during this time (50 meters not changing), although the map ‘ moves’. And then suddenly it functions properly. Software 5.40.