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New Edge Explore, Temperature options

I am interested in buying the Edge explore, though I know it has some features removed when compared to the Edge 1030.

I understand that there is no power meter support, no barometric altimeter, and presumably no temperature sensor, but I cannot find this confirmed anywhere. Please can an owner assist me?

I notice most edge devices record temperature data in Strava and Garmin connect activities, but I cannot find a sample Edge Explore activity to check.

If the answer is no (no temperature sensor) can somebody please advise if the Garmin tempe sensor can be paired?

Thanks !
  • It certainly doesn’t have a temperature sensor built-in. I don’t have a tempe to test but I did check and it’s not selectable as a type on the sensor search menu - however, there is a ‘search all’ that may find it.
  • How accurate are temperature sensors on other Garmin anyways? Not much point in having one if Garmin can't figure out how to make temperature readings accurate.
  • The temperature sensor on my Edge 1000 is accurate. I don't have a personal mobile weather station to carry around with me but when it says 25C I feel hot. Good enough for me.
  • It's true that edge explore doesn't have a built in Tempe for Garmin Tempe sensors.  Instead you have to download a third party Tempe app from Garmin connect store. There are up to 3 different Tempe apps in connect store. And they work perfectly when paired with the Tempe sensor.