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Install map update 2023.10 on Edge Explore 820 fails


I've been struggling since one month trying to install map update 2023.10 Routable Cycle Map for Europe on my Edge Explore 820.

Once the files have been copied to the device and Garmin Express says that it's OK, when rebooting the Edge spends at least 10 minutes stuck on "Loading maps", then crashes and gets switched off. Everytime I reboot it, the same behaviour happens. It makes the device totally unusable, the only way to make it alive again being to force a mount as a mass storage then delete all *.img files installed during the update (there remains only gmpapbmap and gmaptz.img at the end). This done, the device starts again, but of course without the map.

I tried the same manipulation from two PCs, thinking that there must have been a data corruption problem on the first PC, but there is the same behaviour from the second one.

I am now convinced that there is a problem with the update package itself. Do any of you have the same issue, or is this problem known to Garmin ?

Waiting for an official fix, I downloaded a free map of my country, but it's not very optimal...

Thanks for your support !