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Bitlockered Edge Explore 820

A friend of mine accidently Bitlockered his Garmin Edge Explore 820 because the company he works for changed their USB Bitlocker policy.

He could not unlock his Garmin afterward and the companies IT department could not unlock it either.

Since than the Garmin is unusable because when starting the Garmin it hangs at Loading Profiles.

He came to me to let me give it a try.

So, as found on multiple threads, I wiped the Bitlkocklered partition with GParted and now I can open the newly created FAT32 (on MBR disk) on my Windows 11 desktop and laptop.

According to those threads the Garmin should repopulate the files after disconnecting the device from my desktop but it does not in our case.

Garmin Express or Garmin Web Updater do not find the Garmin so updating in hopes of repopulating the device is not possible.

The Garmin still hangs on Loading Profiles when starting.

Is there a way to reflash the Garmin to its original state?