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Calorie Calculation Difference


Struggling to understand why there is a noticeable difference in the estimate of calories burned between rides on my Road bike and on my MTB (mix road & trail).  Here's the data for two rides on consecutive days this weekend.... 

Road Cycling: 25.24mi, 1hr49, 152bpm(av), Zone4=65%, Zone5=7%, 1579cal

MTB: 27.07mi, 2hr28, 153bpm(av), Zone4=51%, Zone5=19%, 1590cal

I'm using a heart rate monitor, and the average heart rate is essentially identical for the two rides.  This implies I am putting in the same effort on both rides, so I'd expect the calorie burn-rate to be the same.  The MTB ride was longer duration (135% of the Road ride), so surely the total calories burned would be about 1/3rd higher. Yet the calories burned for the two rides are essentially the same?

It's almost as if the algorithm is using distance travelled rather than {heart-rate x time}.  Any thoughts?

Thanks, M.

Apologies: I've just noticed there is a section for "Edge Explore" rather than "Edge Explore 820"; my device isn't an 820 (I don't think?), so I've re-posted on the "Edge Explore" page.  If this post can be deleted by Admins, please do so.