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Pairing fails with Android 13 phone

My Edge 820 and Pixel 4a5g phone have been paired with no problems. But I updated the phone to Android 13 2 days ago and, since then, the connection stopped working. No problem, I thought, I'll just remove the device in Garmin Connect and then re-add the device. I removed the Edge 820 from the phone's list of bluetooth devices, and used "Forget phone" on the Edge before attempting to Add Device again.

I have now attempted numerous times to add the device in Connect with varying results, but the end result is always a failure.

In the list of BT devices that Connect shows when you start the Add routine, the Edge sometimes shows up as "Edge 820" and other times as "BT_Edge 820".

When it is Edge 820, I get taken to a screen to confirm I want to pair, and then get the 6-digit code on the phone and device. I confirm at each end and the pairing progress bar appears but never get to the end before I get a "Pairing failed" screen in Connect.

When it is BT_Edge 820, I just get a spinning circle for a few seconds and then get taken to the device selection screen,

I've followed all the troubleshooting tips, but no success.

As an aside, I had to go through a similar rigmarole in having to re-pair my Fenix 5+ watch, but eventually it worked.

Has anyone else tried pairing an Edge 820, or any other device, with an Android 13 phone? How did it work out?

  • Latest update from me is that I installed the latest September security update onto my phone a couple of days ago and the connection to my Fenix has been stable since then. That suggests that Google identified and patched the issue causing the connection problems. 

  • I'm having trouble as well.  Pixel 7, Android 13, Varia RTL515 v3.32. 

    I have to re-pair every time I need to use it.

  • You don't need to worry. Google is going to release another upadate for Android 13 and this will fix the Bluetooth pairing issues.

    In the meantime, if you are looking for temporary solutions, then here follow it -

  • Man, am I glad I found this thread and this tip! I switched to a Galaxy S22 running Android 13 and the damn things just refused to pair until I PRE-paired them through bluetooth settings as described above. It was still a little wonky but after a few pairing requests it managed the setup very quickly. Lifesaver. 

  • My reply got deleted. Wo deleted it?

  • Were you the one who reported that you had success pairing in BT before Connect? Because that worked for me and I'm super pleased with it. At the time, I was in an unsuccessful e-mail exchange with customer service, and when I got it working I pointed this thread out to them, in the hope that it would help them figure out the problem. But if they just ran and deleted your post, that seems pretty shady. 

  • I've tried pre-pairing my Samsung S22 and Edge 820 but I still can't add the edge 820 to Connect.  Can someone who has gotten it to work describe the steps more clearly?  Thanks!

  • As I remember it,  I paired with the Garmin device first with the phone, just like you would with any other device.  THEN, I went to Garmin Connect and followed the usual steps. Worked for me. Good luck.

  • I've tried that.  I can add the 820 via Bluetooth, but when I go to the Connect app it fails.  It looks like it's trying to do something and the progress bar moves along but eventually it fails.  On the 820 it just sits at the first step saying it's waiting for the phone. 

  • Do not pair through the phone's BT settings.  You must pair using the Connect app.  Delete any BT pairings with the 820 on your phone. Delete the app from your phone.  Delete the your phone from the 820.  Install the app on your phone. Power up the 820.  After it's booted up, go through the pairing process in the app.  This has worked for me in the past when I had difficulty pairing.