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[bug?] Edge 820 crashes when used as external display with Fenix 7

Hi there,

I experienced some weird behavior on my Edge 820 when used as external display in combination with a Fenix 7. The Edge crashes and shuts off instantaneously as the watch get connected. While crash display still show a couple of lines but no longer reacting, in the end it gets clear and Edge device is shutdown. Pressing power button again restart as expected/normal

Edge running on version 12.70, while Fenix is on version 8.21

Sometimes it occurs that Edge stay on a couple seconds however it doesn't show any values except time, nor right data fields. 

While using devices alone everything works as expected also with earlier used 735XT the Edge 820 works fine as external display and show expected behavior. 

Anybody out there with same combination facing same issue? Where to report that bug to Garmin?