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Chipset Update File 2.50 or higher

Recently purchased a non bootable 820 not getting past Garmin logo from a popular auction site, I have fixed this issue and it’s running latest firmware and also reports chipset version as being 2.50, it will not find any satellites at all.
Everything else is working, WiFi, Bluetooth etc etc, so as one last throw of the dice it is either a faulty gps chip or corrupted chipset driver

does anyone have a copy of the GCD update file for the chipset 2.50 or higher that I can try and force the update with or can I edit GarminDevice.xml to try and get GE or Webupdater to try and get an update

  • Here it is. Not sure if it will fix your issue. 2.50 is the latest


  • Many thanks, it’s a long shot, I will also try the edit of the xml purely in the interest of research to see how smart or not the updaters are, otherwise I will assume that the GPS receiver part is dead, I might try updater to force the process 

  • created RemoteSW folder as there wasnt one, placed GCD file within and rebooted device, device found file as GPS chipset update file and applied it however no change in the device graphic for viewing satellites not even a tickle, not finding anything.

    Wondering if a previous chipset binary would effectively clear the memory and see if it then works otherwise its in the spare parts box for this one

    I will try editing the xml file as alluded to earlier to try and outfox GE purely for research

  • Ok I edited the xml file and changed the minorID of the chipset section which references the name of the file you supplied above to a number not equal to 50 as in 2.50 and left the MajorID as 2 and garmin webupdater fell for it and offered the same file as above as an update which it placed in the remotesw folder however this time the device did not find it as an update maybe because I have already updated

    the device still remains without satellites hmmm