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Firmware 12.70 - Still navigation issues


I'm using the Edge820 with firmware 12.70, but still have severe issues with navigation:

  1. 1st: it takes ages until the course calculation is finished
  2. 2nd: when calculation is finished and navigation is on, there is tremendous lag until map data is displayed
    1. (without navigation, the GPS-fix is found quickly and map is displayed correctly)
  3. 3rd: due to this lag, no navigation commands for turns, etc. is given and the off-route note takes several 100ms to be issued.

Thus, I'd had to go back to display the track always and follow it without navigation, which is quite annoying as then no upcoming elevation data is displayed on the elevation page, too.

I tried quite a lot of different settings, but nothing is working well.

BTW, track data is always reduced to a max. of 500 points.

Anybody else still having navigation issues with 12.70?

Any tips are very welcome.

Many thanks