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Battery save mode prompt when battery running low

My 820 used to ask me if I wanted to switch to battery save mode when the battery was running low (I think it was at 20% battery left). However this no longer happens. I can't find a setting that turns this on or off. Any idea how I can turn this back on?

  • You can find through Settings - Energy saving mode.
  • Thanks for the reply.

    I can still find the option to turn on Battery Save Mode in the settings. What I can't find is a setting that controls whether or not the prompt to switch to battery save mode is displayed when the battery reaches 20%. It's that prompt that I want to get back.

  • I'd got used to the prompt popping up at 20% battery. My 820 seems to use about 12% battery an hour in 'normal' mode so if I had more than about 90 minutes of riding left I would accept the prompt to switch to battery save mode. I'm not sure how much that reduces battery drain but it would give me some extra time. On a ride a few weeks ago I checked the status screen and saw that I was down to 18% battery, but I hadn't received that prompt (I got home with 1% left!). So I've now let the battery drain past the 20% level on a couple of rides but the prompt just doesn't appear any more.
  • Maybe I was wrong about the battery level at which the prompt appears. I was sure it was around 20%. Maybe it's changed in one of the recent firmware updates.

    I'll let my 820 run right down and see if the prompt appears at a lower battery level.

    Anyhow, thanks for doing those tests.

  • The battery save mode prompt comes up when you get down to 10%. Low battery prompt at 20%.
  • Ah. That makes sense.

  • I like to ride in battery save mode instead of waiting for a prompt when the power gets low because, when it works, it saves a lot. Unfortunately if often refuses to keep running in save mode after a few hours; like today when the battery died before I was finished as a result. Is there an ACTUAL solution to this forthcoming soon rather than some temporary workaround which usually fails anyway after a while and requires me to save an activity and start a new one?

  • I'm pretty confident there will be no more updates for the 820.  The last was over 3 years ago.  The 820 has been superseded by the 830 and now the 840.  I had been using a small external cylindrical power bank to power my 820 as the battery life had gotten pretty poor. It worked well but it's not something that should be done in the wet. I just got an 840 and the battery life is redonkulous by comparison.

  • I don't mean to burst your bubble but I put that to the test immediately after reading this using Garmin Express.  There was an update and I just ran it. Who knows whether or not it addresses the issue.  I'm sure I'll find out later.

  • The latest version of firmware is 12.70 which was released over three years ago. It'll show at the bottom of the screen when booting, or you can access the version in Settings, System, About.   It will also show in Garmin Connect and Garmin Express.  There may be more recent updates to the the gps firmware, time zones, IQ apps, or maps that apply more broadly across other devices,  but the 820 operating firmware hasn't changed.