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Timer Start/Stop Not Working

I just received my Garmin 820 and when I go to use it the timer start/stop button is not working. I choose the activity profile I want to use and when I press the start timer button nothing happens. When I begin riding the screen keeps flashing the start timer button, but when I press it still nothing happens. The unit is pretty much useless at this point. I upgraded to software version 3.0 before ever using it so I don't know if it is just a 3.0 problem. Anyone having a similar problem or know of a solution? I tried a factory reset, but that didn't work.

  • Yes I have the same Issue, can't get the timer to start (just received delivery within past 3 days, issue on first use). Right now the device just occupies space! Plan to call Garmin support tomorrow.
  • Timer Start/Stop Not Working [Solved]

    Hey! So I figured it out...this is my first Garmin and I thought since it was a touchscreen I should press the symbol on the top of the unit. Turns out the start/stop is an actual button on the bottom of the unit. When I had it on the bike I couldn't see the actual button because of the angle.
  • Hey, just found a way to use Garmin Edge 820 without the start-stop button ... this will be useful for the units with broken button. So, to make it start use the autostart feature and then when you want to save ride just keep the power button pressed until device restarts , after restart completed the screen were you are asked to save ride appears . Hope will help all you guys with broken start stop button.

  • So, I've just had the exact same proble, with my new EdgeExplore 2. Two frustrating rides trying to get the thing to work. Glad I found your post.  Really disappointing that in 7 years Garmin still havn't altered their instructions to make this aspect clear - it's so counter-intuitive.

  • Pressing the start button is on page five of the manual