Physio TrueUp only works partially (no training load) with Instinct 2

Hi everyone! I've been using Physio TrueUp for a long time with my Edge; both with Forerunner 935 and Instinct 2. At some point however, the training load for activities coming fro my Edge 520 Plus to Instinct 2 stopped working. All the other Physio TrueUp stuff still works. Anyone else seeing the same thing? Did Physio TrueUp for devices like Edge 520 Plus break when Unified Training Status (UTS) was introduced?

  • Everything else still works: recovery time, Vo2max, Edge activities showing up in Instinct 2
  • This doesn't work: no training load or training status in Connect or Instinct 2 for activities recorded on Edge

There is no way to enable and disable Physio TrueUp anymore on Instinct 2 since UTS. I guess Garmin has made some fundamental changes to how this works.