Komoot - Connect IQ Issue


I'd really appreciate if someone could help with my problem.

I recently purchased a Garmin Edge 520. I manage to pair my Garmin Edge 520 with my phone with no problems, so the devices are now paired. Interestingly Komoot app seems to already be installed on the Garmin Edge 520 when I go into the "Connect IQ".

When I load Komoot (from the Garmin edge 520) I then link my Komoot account and that seems to pair fine, showing my planned tours. The planned tours are shown, however, when I click on one to start the route or provide the mapping system for the route, I get a blue IQ sign with a yellow exclamation mark just above the logo to the right.

I can't seem to load any of my planned tours from Komoot onto my Garmin edge 520.

Please someone help.

Thank you