"invalid file" could not be uploaded to Garmin Connect

I'm experiencing invalid files that can't be uploaded to Garmin Conenct.  Have hit this error three times in the last 7 days, so lost three rides just in the last week.  Most rides upload ok though.

The error messages flags these rides as "Invalid File" right away when I try to sync them to the laptop, a MacBook Pro.

Anyone know how to avoid hitting the error, or to salvage the "invalid" files, or to prevent it from happening again?


  • Check that you haven't exceeded the limit of 200 activities that can be stored on the device and also that there is sufficient storage capacity remaining.

  • Thanks for the ideas but there are less than 200 activities, and a lot of space left.

    Looks like the invalid files are actually corrupted or badly formed.  It's not a Connect proble.  One file contains a lot of ASCII text about settings at the end that's not in the other .fit files, and one of the other invalid files can't be opened or copied.

  • You could also try deleting the Activities folder. It will be recreated on the next boot up of the device. Don't forget to empty the trash on a Mac.

  • Is that the activity file are faulty. If you manually load them to Garmin Connect to do they load?

    If the activity files are OK when manually loaded then the issue is with one of the additional files that get upload.

    Try deleting the contents of the Garmin\Metrics folder

  • Do you mean deleting it off the Garmin or off my Mac.  It will get recreated in the Garmin?  From where? -Thanks

  • (last reply was to PeterK_55)

    This reply is to aweatherall:

    Most of the files in the activity folder get created correctly and can be uploaded to Connect. But the ones that aren't created correctly can't be manually uploaded.  

    I can see in the Activities folder using command line commands in my Mac, and can even dump the binary as ascii using xxd.  

    So I can tell one of the files can't be read at all, or even copied, even though it appears to be of roughly the correct length.  So it must have a minor probelm witht he way it was opened or closed, something like that.

    Another "invalid" .fit file has a load of ascii text at the end, related to settings.  None of the good .fit files have this ascii text at the end, so something went wrong at the end when the file was getting finalized.

    OK, I'll have a look at the Garmin/Metrics folder.  Am a little wary of deleting the whole folder though in case there's a side effect.

    Thanks to you both for the suggestions.

  • Appears that you are archiving activities on your Garmin.  Do not do that!  Once they are copied off, either manually or to Connect, delete them from the Garmin.  Save at most one week of activities unless you are on tour.

    Special Mac note - you likely need to empty trash on the Garmin if you do not do so.

    Garmin has never handled file systems well on the mass storage programming.

  • I suppose i am, just by not deleting them, never thought of it that way.  Deleting them off the Garmin seems very final.  I'd like to think I could upoload them again in future if Connect is replaced by something else or if I lose access to my Connect account and have to start again with a new account.

    I have noticed there seem to be other threads on this topic.  Is this issue on all Garmin devices?  

    Thanks for the Mac note - and I did emtpy the trash after deleting some of the "invalid" files.

    Since starting this thread I had a new ride upload with no trouble.  But am not doing anything differently each time (STOP, RESET).  Seems like a SW bug in the device - hopefully fixed in current gen products.