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What's happened here?

on the face of it is looks pretty simple, I forgot to restart my edge before coming home, my bad - but there's a few things that don't add up to me.

  1. Once I came off the decent I was using the course to navigate home on the head unit, I don't recall seeing either the red border to indicate tracking was stopped or the movement detected alert
  2. The TSS in Garmin Connect is 144 which seems quiet realistic for this ride, however in Training Peaks and Golden Cheetah its 120, So Garmin is adding TSS for the missing part?
  3. The distance is Garmin Connect is also quiet realistic, it's too high if doesn't include the missing section
  4. At the end of my ride my edge suggested I had a power record (20min?) even though I was nowhere near it

I guess I Should just get on the bike and test it, but is Garmin still reading data from my PM and Speed sensor even though I had the timer stopped? Actually, looking at the charts I cannot see where I recorded my max speed for the ride, which I assume was on the decent. So I guess the answer is yes?

  • i think the difference is coming from the different time source what the different apps are used. there are : moving time and elapsed time ( and total time too) , and probably the TP and Cheetah is recalculate your TSS points by the moving time which is shorter than the elapsed time (and the Connect and the Edge device use that one, you can check these timers in the GConnect activity details and if its ratio is similar as the TSS ratio (20% diff)  then it is the problem (if the unit is paused, that 1000% sure that didnt record any singe watt or speed data, the other option could be the GPS reception was lost and you have no GPS datapoints (this is why you have a straight line on the map ) but you have power and speed datas for every sec in the FIT file. If you can share it or send me privately  i can tell it much better.

    the distance could be "realistic" because the straight line has almost the same lenght (a bit shorter ofc) as the normal route with those switchbacks. (if you came back on the same route )

    yeah, it is a typical Edge's bug if you do a stop midride you can get impossible "new FTP detected" message with 20w/kg FTP (1400w  with 70kg) or similar nonsense value :D