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Garmin 520 circuit board overheating

Replacing an old battery on my 520 I found that it was not the battery but the circuit board that is overheating.  Putting it on charge without sealing it back in the case the battery stays cool while the display shows the circuit board reaches 50degC.  If I put the unit back in its case the circuit board will fry the battery before its charged.  Any suggestions? 

  • If the board gets hot with the old battery installed or no battery at all, then the fault will be on the board itself. Give it a nice burial.

    If it only occurs with new battery, then the battery or its connector is faulty. (I once had a replacement battery with an incorrectly wired plug)

  • Thanks Peter.  It gets hot on USB charge even without a battery, but not when running off battery alone.  May just have to run it off an external USB battery, that will be safe from the heat, until father xmas arrives with a replacement.