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my device does not locate GPS signal

Hello Garmin Community,

I'm using a Garmin Edge 520 plus for cycling since 5+ years now, never had any trouble until last week end. My device does not locate Satellites signal.

I did left it on during my 2 hours ride it didn't not manage to get any signal. I tried several factory resets / unpairing all sensor / unpairing phones / repairing.. no succes, when I check out into the "status" menu I see that the "locating sat" icon keep blicking moving from 1 bar to 2 bar...

Any one already encountered such problem? Did you managed to fix it?



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    Identical problem here, 5 years using 520 plus and it's suddenly unable to locate satellites, neither of troubleshooting/resetting mentioned above helped, gps/glonass/galileo/off-on, browsed through all threads with similar problems that suggested downgrading firmware version, but looks like any firmware downgrade/change isn't possible because Garmin removed all downloads in favour of mobile/pc apps that only support latest one.

    After each factory reset it does set time correctly, but -7h to my timezone, so I know GPS module is working, but satellite map (set brightness screen + holding lap key -> view satellites) shows all satellites without any signal.

    I'll update the thread if I find solution, but so far no luck.

  • What is your GPS firmware version on the Edge 520 Plus? I have the problem with 2.50 GPS firmware and 5.70 software version

  • Same problem 2 day ago.  Same software revisions.  Will not acquire satellite signal.  Updating maps and doing factory reset did not fix.  Garmin says it's broken and offered 20% discount on new unit if I sent in old one.  No explanation as to why it stopped working.  Worked find one day, didn't work 12 hours later.  Unit suffered no trauma that other than being taken off the mount and shoved in a pocket.