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Edge 25 wait for gps

My edge 25, which is 2.5 years old and been my commuter is no longer connecting to gps. Performed the hard reset and no change, it just permanently says wait for gps.
How long are guarantees on these things?
  • Depends on where you bought it. In EU it should be 2 years.
  • Interesting. Mine is similar age and also has problems. It can take so long to acquire a signal that the device times out an turns off. Or it can lose the signal mid-ride. Both these on clear, bright, cloudless days. 

  • So have found the answer, I think. Mentioned earlier in the forums, but now somewhat obscured. You need to connect your Edge to Garmin Express on your PC. That will transfer a file named EPO.BIN to the Edge that helps the unit find the satellites. Syncing via a mobile phone doesn't do this. The data in the file do get old, that's why the delay gets longer and longer and why you'll need to connect directly to a PC on a regular basis to refresh the file. For me the difference went from 15 mins+ to less than 1 minute.

  • many thinks, just got a used one and I will try this steps