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Charging edge 25 while riding and recording

I have found discussions about other Garmins being charged while riding and recording. Has anyone here had experience using their edge 25 on long rides that require an external battery? What set up do you use to mount the unit when plugged in? (tape, elastics etc) If you unplug it in the middle of recording, will it reset? My Edge 25 never lasts longer than 7 hours and so I need an external charging solution that hopefully won't require multiple files.
  • I do this regularly, and it works but with idiosyncrasies. First the mounting -- I bought a cheap SRAM adapter (as per -- available from Amazon) and removed, with side-cutters and then sandpaper and block, the non-Garmin side, reducing it to a flat surface. Then I epoxied the Garmin cradle to the flat side, giving me a harness with a quarter-turn mount.
    In use I start my rides with a full battery and run it until flat (the Garmin saves the ride data). Then I mount the unit onto the harness connected to a cheap USB battery and continue, recording a second ride. Now the idiosyncrasy: when the unit becomes fully charged, the display switches to the home screen and it's impossible to get back to the ride view -- although the unit IS still recording, and pressing the top-right button allows saving, which is my next step. So now I have 2 rides recorded. Then I remove the charging harness, and record a 3rd ride with on battery. Not ideal, but it works. The rides can be combined -- I use FitFilesTools' online File Combiner at

    Have fun,
  • PS I can get 9.5 hours from a single charge of my Edge 25 by charging a 2nd (and 3rd) time immediately after the unit indicates fully charged.
  • Thanks a ton for this info. This sort of hack is just what I was hoping to hear. I am not surprised you never figured out how to do all of that with one ride file, but the mounting hack sounds pretty cool. Do you have pictures of the hacked mount?
  • No pictures of the hacked mount on its own, but here are a few of it epoxied to the charging harness: Rear, top, side from 2 angles
  • No pictures of the hacked mount on its own, but here are a few of it epoxied to the charging harness: Rear, top, side from 2 angles

    That is awesome. Well done. Thanks for sharing the photos. I think I will be doing the same.
  • hi how did u get it working with out it saving automatically it use allow me to charge while recording a ride but one of the updates made it so as soon as you attached a external power while recording it saves ride and charges