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Course not showing up

I just got a 130.  Before my ride yesterday i created a test course in Garmin Connect and synched, then I saw the course on my 130.  I deleted it.

So I created a real course and now for whatever reason I can't see anything in Navigation>Course, it just says "Download Course From Garmin Connect".

I know my 130 is synched with my phone, because i can see my ride today under activities.

When I was fooling around with the 130 did I maybe trip a setting which won't allow it to synch a course from my Connect?

  • When I load the course in Connect, and click the 3 days, there is not option for Send to Device.  I think this is it, but i don't know why because I used to do it with my 25??

  • Okay figured out.  There is no Three Dots>Send to Device, I have to load the course, then click the little send to icon next to three dots, then sync, not it show up on 130.  Ready to Roll.