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Garmin Edge 130 Plus

In the market for a bike computer and looking at the Edge 130 plus, its just about everything I need, plus I like the small footprint. As far as sensors go, will the GPS on the computer give me my current speed? Then all I will need is cadence sensor correct? Or will I need both speed and cadence sensors. I tried reading on the Garmin site, but cant find anywhere about if it reads out speed without actually having a speed sensor if that makes sense!

  • Yes, the GPS on the 130 Plus gives you you current and average speed. It will calculate it for the ride and also for the segment if you use that feature. 

    I use it with the Garmin GSC10 speed/cadence sensor on my main bike but the speed comes from the GPS. I don't have a cadence sensor on my other bike but I still see my speed.