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Cannot connect to PC via USB

I can't connect my new Edge 130 to my Windows 10 PC any more. It seemed to work OK when I first got the device recently, and then I put it away because of the lockdown. I never actually used it outside and it's still in new condition. I'm now trying to connect it to Garmin Express, and it refuses to be recognized.

When I connect the Edge using the USB cable, its screen shows the USB icon. Most of the time, it doesn't show up as a drive in Explorer. Occasionally, it shows as "USB Drive" and is assigned a driver letter, and sometimes the name in Explorer is "Garmin" or "Garmin 130 Edge" (only the third one is correct). In every case, when I click on the drive name in Explorer, then Explorer will just hang. Only once did it show me the Garmin folders inside, and then I could not browse them. It's quite random.

When I connect the device, I can hear the Windows sound of a new device being connected, and then a few seconds later, I hear it being disconnected, and then sometimes re-connected again. Obviously, since the device isn't even appearing as a drive, Express does not find it. 

I've also tried rebooting the Edge and the PC several times without success.

I know that there are different USB cables - some for charging and some for data. I'm not sure I can find the original Garmin cable, but I've tried about a dozen different cables by now and none of them work. And they work with my other Edge 1000 device. So it's not the cable. And I've cleaned the contacts on the Edge (even though the device is new).

Is this simply a hardware failure? I can't contact Garmin now because they're closed over the weekend, and I'm not excited to get a refurbished replacement for my brand new device. And it's the first time I've heard of a USB failure like this.

  • Just two possibly stupid suggestions, but nothing to lose...

    1) Connect via Bluetooth to your phone and Garmin Connect.  Even if it shows synced with a green dot, click on the device image at the top and the next screen will show an exclamation point inside a red circle if it didn't sync properly.  I generally have to manually push the red circle to force a sync.  Maybe syncing with Garmin Connect will shake something up.  Then open Garmin Express on the computer,  Make sure you have the latest version of Express.  Connect the 130 after Express is fully up and running, perhaps it will capture the 130 if it connects briefly.  Oh, and make sure the 130 is turned off before plugging into the computer.  I've had strange things happen if I plug into the computer while the 130 is turned on.

    2) If that doesn't work, try a different computer.  I have one Garmin car GPS that won't connect to my laptop but will work with my desktop.  Both running Windows 10.  It's stupid, and shouldn't be, but since I have a workaround I live with it.

    If your not sure of the cable get a new one that you know is for data.  $10 well spent.  I bought a new "Anker" brand from Amazon, works fine with the 130.

  • I have had similar problems with multiple Garmin GPS devices; as suggested, make certain your Garmin Connect is up to date. And fortunately or unfortunately, always use aGarmin USB cable. I do not know why this would make a difference but it has corrected the communication issue more times than I care to count.

  • I do not know why this would make a difference

    You are correct. The cable really shouldn't make a difference. Although, some cables are only for charging and do not transfer data. Also, in my experience the Garmin cables seem to be better than average quality.