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Edge 130 battery life sucks

Is there any official response from Garmin on the obviously rampant problem of poor battery life of the Edge 130? 

  • For those asking for a solution about the poor battery life of Edge 130: I got the same problem with my unit until one day in which I forgot it charging overnight. Then I discovered that charging the battery to 100% takes 6 to 8 hours. After that, the battery runs for more that 10 hours (using only GPS)

  • I will give it a try. What bothers me is the Garmin does not replace these batteries. After near two years of use they asked me to bring the receipt with the device for a full replacement. I wish I knew this. I would had kept that damn scrap of paper.

  • I have been using an Edge 130 for the past 14 months, battery life is less than two hours after full charge before low battery light comes on. Contacted Garmin who want €96 just to reset it when they know full well by all the posts that they are selling a inadequate product but ( the French site ) do not careI will never by Garmin again

  • Lithium-Ion batteries typically have a lifespan of around 500 discharge cycles. lf you really only had your Edge for 14 months, then that still seems short. Possibly you got it used? The edge 130 was released in April 2018 

     BU-801: Setting Battery Performance Standards - Battery University