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Edge 130 Update Process

Edge 130 begins sync for update but does not complete even up to 30 minutes.  Reconnect to USB cable and restart of Garmin Express results in a new 'Synch Complete' and apparent completed update.  Is this a 'feature', and not a problem?  This sort of behavior has always led to disaster in the long run for me, over decades of electronics updates.

  • Try deleting some old rides from the device before syncing: History>Rides. You may be low on memory, I had this issue last update, however I did get a warning from Garmin Express to do so, it wasn't failing silently or anything.

  •  Typically the steps to resolve the issue would be to connect the device to a computer and inspect the "Garmin" folder for a file that would be titled GUPDATE.GCD and delete it. This will allow the update to be transferred a second time and should resolve the issue once you have synced with express. 

  • Hi Duncan, thanks for addressing update problems promptly.
    Can you please address battery issues every single unit has? There are more then 5 threads about this. One of them is 1 year old. And there is not satisfying reply from anyone competent.

  • If there are available software updates for your Garmin Edge 130, Garmin Express will prompt you to install them. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the update jacksmith. Make sure your device stays connected throughout the update process.