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New Edge 1030 and Edge 1030 Bontrager Version 9.50 Now Available

Firmware version 9.00 for the Edge 1030 and Edge 1030 Bontrager is now available. This update can be downloaded through Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile.

Phased Rollout is now at 100%

Edge 1030

Edge 1030 Bontrager

Changes made from version 9.10 to 9.50:

  • Indoor Riding Improvements:
    - Added the ability to set system time using WiFi or Bluetooth when GPS is not available.
    - Added a Free Ride indoor trainer mode that enables the trainer to be set to a target grade.
    - Add the ability to set target grade in the context menu for Indoor Trainer rides.
    - Added a 'Remind Me' prompt for the trainer search.
    - Made a change so LiveTrack is not started automatically for indoor or virtual activities.
    - Prevent light network from forming indoors.
    ClimbPro Improvements
    - Added grade coloring to the elevation plot on the segment page.
    - Changed the Time to Destination data field to show estimated time to the top of the climb if ClimbPro is activated.
    - Fixed an issue with cumulative ascent and ClimbPro not working properly when a course is transferred from Garmin Connect.
    - Fixed incorrect category colors on the ClimbPro page.
    - Fixed an issue where some short climbs were not detected.
  • Made Mountain Bike feature settings available in all activity profiles to allow for Grit, Flow, and Jump data metrics to be enabled if desired. These remain turned off by default for all non-MTB profiles.
  • Added the ability to configure the minimum ride length that should prompt for Nutrition/Hydration intake.
  • Added the ability to customize the activity track color on the map.
  • Fixed an issue where GPS satellites were lost more often than they should be.
  • Improved Bluetooth friendly names to include BLE and BT so they can be distinguished from each other.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause unit-to-unit transfers to fail.
  • Fixed an issue with OSM roundabouts giving incorrect guidance.
  • Fixed an issue where routing to points that are not in the road network could create very long routes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Course Creator out-and-back was not working properly.
  • Integrated the ability to use cached weather data for Firstbeat analysis.
  • Updated the turn review map page so the distance on the top left of the screen updates and the data field on the bottom left shows Heading.
  • Only alert for LiveTrack auto start timeout once per activity.
  • Made OK the first response for LiveTrack and Text Message response prompts to minimize interaction while riding.
  • Improved the Reset HR Zones and Reset Power Zones behavior to only reset the zones and not the Max HR value or FTP.
  • Made it easier to switch between the month/week view in the Training Plan calendar page.
  • Fixed the alert sound not working when a workout is complete.
  • Fixed false level of timer precision on Garmin segments.
  • Added letters to the Polish keyboard to make it easier to type words in other languages.
  • Fixed an issue on the keyboard that could cause the device to shut down.
  • Fixed handling for long course names.
  • Fixed an issue that kept the device from fully suspending.
  • Fixed an issue where the device could falsely report that it was fully charged after coming out of suspend mode.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the device to lock up.