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Version 7.50 Battery after 5h cycling still 100%! Why is the battery level not working?

Was working with oder Version!!

  • Read the third reply I wrote above it tells you all that. Issue is not when you update but every time you charge and it goes to sleep. 

  • My 1030 shuts off after disconnecting from the charger. I recall if it was plugged into my laptop, it would go into sleep mode after it charged. I found that using a separate charger was much faster and I only use the charger now. Still, what is the problem with powering it off after a charge. Takes probably 5 seconds.

  • I turn it off when I remember, but I don't always. Just because there's a workaround doesn't excuse a bug being around for 18 months.

  • I guess we just have a different viewpoint. I don't consider my suggestion a workaround.  When I'm finished using anything electronic I make sure I turn it off. When I'm finished watching television, I turn it off.

    Concerning not turning off after charging, try charging with a charger and not the computer. I have three chargers and the 1030 does a complete shutdown after charging with all of them. Try it.

  • that certainly avoids the issue but you are deliberately not using the device as it’s designed to work. Anyone who is aware of the issue can avoid it by forcing power off but it’s not the default behaviour. 

  • How am I not using it as it was designed to work? I'm turning it off after I use it. Just like I do with any other electronic device. The battery level is correctly shown on all my rides.

  • It's not like you're doing anything wrong, you're doing the same thing everyone who knows about the issue will do, it's just that it isn't the default, the default is the device sleeps rather than powers off and thats why people are seeing the bug and it needs to be fixed, and not just put up with.

  • We are just going around in circles here and no need to continue. We just have a difference of opinion on what the default behavior is. I'll leave the discussion with a few thoughts.

    When I press the on/off button for a few seconds, I have the options of lock screen, sleep and power off. I don't see how sleep is the default. Sure, if you momentarily press the button, it goes to sleep. That's just a short cut to sleep mode. It is not the default mode.There's nothing in the manual that states sleep is the default mode. I never use sleep mode because it uses battery power. If left in sleep mode for a few days, the battery could be down as far as 25%.

    Perhaps the solution here is for Garmin to give us options for the short press of the on/off button. Until then, I'm going to continue to power down the 1030. I see no reason to use sleep mode.

  • I've had this issue forever from the moment I got the EDGE 1030 (Sept 2018) and has never been fixed by any of the firmware updates. I did reach out to Garmin and they said to me (2 days ago) they anticipate a fix to be available in the December update. Fingers crossed...

  • Sounds promising. Would be great to see this fixed.