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Let's hope this will wake Garmin up! Dc Rainmaker is on fire.

Dc Rainmaker made an article about the faulty software on the Garmin Edge Devices. 

If only Garmin could wake up an start working on all the numerous bugs in their edge software.

Read here:

  • So very true but nothing will ever be done. We have been waiting a year for better software that solve the problems a top of the range cycling computer has but never got them all fixed. Basic functionality that should be working (livetrack for example) is still not working right and phone connectivity is absolutely shocking. 

    I have various things that connect to my phone easily (watch, sonos, alexia etc) but I can have my phone and garmin sitting right next to each other and the garmin 1030 struggles to find it.

    All these great features were what made me buy the unit and a year later still not working.  Surely that must be false advertising?

    Last moan is they all of a sudden bring out a couple of lower models with more features and stuff than the 1030 has so we know where garmin are concentrating there efforts on and it is not the 1030 or all the bug's it has.

    Money seems to be the main driver and not customer service or satisfaction. 

    Well done dc rainmaker but got a feeling it will fall on deaf ears just like our 1030 forum with all the bugs etc.

    Next computer for me will be a wahoo and dread to think how much the 1030 will be worth compared to the £500 I paid for it when it was just released.

    Worst piece of tech I have ever owned and even my touring plus, 800, 500,520 have never been this bad.

    A flagship model who are they kidding Disappointed

  • Interesting read. I like my Edge 1030 but it certainly has some annoying bugs like the ones mentioned by DC Rainmaker.
    The alternatives aren't much better I guess. The Karoo was announced as a Garmin Edge killer but didn't even have support for Strava segments the last time I looked.  Bryton, MIO look like budget stuff. The bezels of the Sigma Rox are bigger than the screen.
    A Wahoo ELEMNT doesn't have a touch screen and was monochrome until recently.

    I'm a software developer myself and I know how hard it can be to debug software but some problems seem to return from time to time. That gives me the idea that tey are not in control of their software and/or don''t have a good  (automated) testset.

    I hope that Garmin gets more competition and that they are forced to improve their products.

  • I don't understand the comments about not connecting to the phone. I've had the 1030 about 10 months now and countless rides and it has never failed to connect to my Iphone. Navigation works great. Live track has failed about 20% of the time. There must be serious inconsistency in quality control.

  • iphones are fine.  Android sucks.  Every time you contact garmin they blame it on your specific brand of phone.  Of you have a samsung...  Samsungs have a problem.  Oh you have a LG.... Lg's have a problem....  Oh you have a #$#@  Oh &#*#@  have a problem.

  • Started using Garmin products two years ago, Edge 1030. Now I have two Garmins, my first and my last. 500€ totally wasted Disappointed

  • Looking back on a long history with Garmin products, the Edge 1030 is the most disappointing purchase of any Garmin device in terms of software.

    Everyone else has done more or less what they should, but the 1030 consists of more bugs than working software.

  • Excellent article and conclusions. Fortunately the features that are buggy are not important to me.  

  • I largely agree with you lhol. I've done loads of rides with the route guidance and it's worked really well (the only issues I've had were related to the route plotting). My data (speed, distance etc) has always been spot on by and large, other than occasional elevation inaccuracies (unavoidable barometric pressure related I think). My data uploads to Connect automatically every time, I've never had a corrupted fit file, and cross referencing with Strava, Komoot and IQ apps has been fine. This leaves the issues as very occasional disconnection of the phone, intermittent problems with Live Track and having to manually start the Connect app before I ride so that it connects to the 1030. Don't get me wrong, I wish we didn't have these glitches, the first one especially can be annoying, and Garmin could also be more proactive, no doubt about that, but the main things I want work perfectly. No matter how much the bugs bug, I can't see how the 1030 can fairly be described as a total waste of time.    

  • My comment on DC post:

         5 edges 1030 with the well-known blue halo on garmin screens. 4 years without any solution in 820 and 1030 incredibly reproduce the same defect without any intention of solving it. This company will disappear once known its software and hardware problems and its null intention to solve them over the years.
    PS.-You will not see any picture of any pro cyclist on instagram or anywhere without a blue hallo on their screens. Is this normal? Is this a serious company? Play for years the same problems without the slightest intention to solve them ?.
    Bye Garmin¡¡

  • Looks like the new Stages Computers were released yesterday. I am ordering mine this week to replace my POS 1030.