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Activity editing in the iOS App does not have any effect on the Garmin Swim 2

Hi there,

I do record an activity on the Garmin Swim 2.

There is an error on the Lap detection, so i do modify them on the App (iOS) modifying from 44 laps to 42. Correctly the distance is modified as well on the App (from 2200 meters to 2100 meters).

Even after the Sync is performed again, on the Garmin Swim 2, still the same laps and distance are shown (44 laps and 2200meters), with no modification applied.

Is there anyway to make the modification is also applied on the Garmin Swim 2?

If it is needed I can share some picture.

Anyone else facing the same situation?

Is there any work around?

Thank you so much.


  • You cannot edit activities on the watch. You'd have to edit the FIT file of the concerned activity with an external tool, and then upload it back to the folder //GARMIN/Activity. However, I wonder why you need to modify it on the watch - normally it is either the phone or the web, where you review the results, and the stats. You do not need to correct or keep the data on the watch at all. It has no impact on any other metrics (like Calories, or VO₂max, etc, anyway).