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Swim distance inaccuracy

Today I swam a 1660 m distance and my Swim 2 logged it as a 2500 m swim, along a very straight (point to point) swim track. I’ve never seen extra swim distances logged before. Does anyone else see this sort of error, and/or have any suggestions?


frequent swimmer, indoor and out  

I have used Swim 2 since it appeared on the market 

wide open lake with no visual obstructions

watch was mounted on upper surface of a towed swim float. 

  • There are many complaints over how poor the Swim 2 does open water. If it losses the signal it will start what can only be considered as voodoo guessing. I am appalled that Garmin never fixed the issue. My swims always track double in OW

  • Same issues on the Fenix 6, 7 and Epix. It can go either way with recording too much or too little. It can record too much if no GPS signal is available and the watch than uses strokes per minute as a guide for speed. This is not perfect and if the watch relies on that for a long swim, larger errors can accumulate. The root cause is likely a GPS chipset that doesnt do as good a job as earlier chipsets maintaining good GPS signal while OWS.