Is the Garmin Swim 2 the ideal swimming watch?

I mean, the model is obviously built for swimmers, but does it function properly? I've come across some bad viewpoints. I'm not a pro, but because I swim... Is it worthwhile to purchase this device rather than another Garmin model? Is it also capable of recognising different swimming styles?

  • I'm a master swimmer and I had other devices in the past (Swimmo, Poolmate, Garmin Swim 1). This is really the best I had: very precise in counting and recognizing the style. Very good also in open waters. I reccomend it

  • I see other people say the swim2 has problems detecting the stroke.   I have a garmin 935 and it also has a problem confusing breaststroke with backstroke.   Garmin tech denies that anyone else has this problem. I told them to google it.    I can understand confusing any stroke with any other stroke, except back stroke.   I am considering getting a swim 2, because I don't like swimming with a chest strap, and I want to get the heart rate readings even if not completely accurate.  But until I hear from Garin tech that the stroke detection issue has been resolved or until I can change it manually, I don't really want to spend the money or encourage them.

  • I never had problems with stroke detection; when it shows a wrong stroke, means that I am tired (i.e butterfly) and my stroke is not correct. Also heart readings are quite accurate: you have to wear it rather tight to avoid bad readings

  • Stroke detection is ok more or less. It really depends on your technique. Another tip, if stroke detection is terrible, try with the other wrist. For me, on left wrist, everything is detected as breaststroke, on the right everything is perfect.

    In my opinion, from Garmin point of view the stroke detection is good. Note, that they should guess from the arm movement, and they do not see a full path but only some accelerations and decelerations.