Swim and Run

Hi there

My wife would like to buy a new garmin, she wants to use it for normal running and swimming.

We have looked at the Vivo Active 4S.

My question is if this is good enough for swimming exercises?

What swimming activities does it record.

And do swim2 have better swimming function and why...and can you use this for running as well.

I will appreciated the help.


  • Hi

    The biggest difference (for what concerns swimming activities) is that while the Swim 2 supports Open waters swim the Vivo Active does not. It only supports the pool swim. 

    On the other end the vivo active as more activity profiles thanks to the altimeter (that is not present on the swim 2)

    Hope this helps


  • I would say that Swim2 is focused, optimized, for swimming (pool or open waters). It can also be used for running (or cycling or cardio), but these "extra" apps are very basic (although very functional).