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Swimming lenght not accurate at all

I bought this clock cause I wanted to know the distance I swim and how may calories it takes. Well, I actially run in water, so it´s not swimming like usual swimming but the clock is all confused about this. If I go 300 metres (50m pool), the clock says anything between 450-900, there´s no logic at all. I guess this clock is not for running in the water. I´m very disappointed about that, totally useless in the pool for me. Do you have any ideas if I can do something about this?

  • there is no way to make the watch a bit more clever, user beeing stupid or "terrible technique" @paul.?
    The watch should compensate at least for impossible result.
    The first thing i will put in such a watch will be, dont count a lenght (25m) in 10 sec or less.
    But it seems impossbile, very strange,such a simple thing.
    So if u clean your glass after 1 km for 5 sec maybe the watch gonna count it as a lenght or 2 (because i did not press the rest button or break button), why not ^^World record but who cares...not garmin  

  • What do you want from a stupid 200€ watch?

  • a "clever" program/firmware at least, not a while(True) loop counting lenght as mad ^
    Nothing to do with price (2-3 lines at max in the program)....for info

  • I do not see swimmers complaining...
    I do not have complaints. When I do 100 medley on a 50m I get 200m, but that's life. There is a data screen for drills. I do not care. When I do drills, with finns, counts zero (0). I don't care.
    But when I do 100, 200, 400 or 1500 it counts 100, 200, 400, 1500. That's the purpose of it. Not counting calories or steps or whatever...