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Time in heart rate zones not registering

 I have recently purchased a garmin swim 2 which I'm using with the android garmin connect app. I seem to have the heart rate zones set up ok, I'm 49 and when I check the garmin connect app I can see the heart rate zones are based on "% of max".

Max Heart rate: 171 100%

Zone 1: 86 BPM 50% to 103 BPM 60%

Zone 2: 103 BPM 60% to 120 BPM 70%

Zone 3: 120 BPM 70% to 137 BPM 80%

Zone 4: 137 BPM 80% to 154 BPM 90%

Zone 5: 154 BPM 90% to 171 BPM 100%

When I check the data related to a  steady 39 minute lap swim I see average heart rate for the activity was 154 BPM, max heart rate 165 BPM.

However when I check the time spent in each of the 5 heart rates zones on the gamin connet app it shows zero for all zones? Can anybody advise why this is the case and what settings I need to change to shown the correct amount of time for the session in each heart rate zone?

Any help much appreciated.