Audio prompts fail with 19.09 beta

Since the update to 19.09 my audio prompts act haunted. First i lost them completely. Then I started activity and All prompts from the last 2-3 activities started playing one after another until the end. Then theu worked for the first few minutes (pace and HR Zone prompts configured every 2 minutes) and stopped again. Currently the behavior is similar - they start Ok and stop after the first 2 minutes.

Tried force stopping garmin connect and clearing its cache to no avail

  • Additional info:

    After a lot of trial and error, I've pinpointed the behavior to this:

    - Multiple alerts are enabled for the same time frame, in my case - Heart rate zone and average pace every 2 minutes.
    - Audible is playing a book.
    - The first (on minute 2) audio prompt starts and gets cut off before having a chance to finish (it says the average pace and then starts saying the heart rate zone and cannot finish it somewhere around the decimal point, at which point Audible resumes).
    - On the next 2 minute interval nothing happens, unless I force quit the garmin connect app.

    What I believe is the case (since Audible hasn't changed and it was sometimes cutting my garmin audio prompts short in the past with no other adverse effect) is a change in the handling of incomplete audio prompts. They do not timeout internally in garmin connect and enter a queue which waits for the first interrupted audio prompt to complete.

    Please check whether something in the handling of audio prompts had been changed and revert this change or make the handling better.

  • I have also had the cutshort or interruptted Garmin notices due to Pandora music from my phone, usually when switching to a commercial, like it took priority over the Garmin announcements.  That was always on my FR945, never had an issue with a buildup of failed announcements or them stopping altogether that I can remember.  My new 965 will get a good long test on Saturday, i'll have to see  (i'm only on 18.26 firmware however)