Gaps in HRV data during night

During the last night's this is what my HRV readings look like.

The data is getting inconsistent because of this. Is anyone familiar with this problem and might know of a solution? 

  • @garmin-sierra 

    I am having the same issues. 
    you can have access to my account and also contact me via email.  

  • Just for everyone's awareness, this is also affecting EPIX, Fenix and all garmin devices. Garmin Laurie have asked me to provide them all my logs etc, but most probably this will not change anything. 

    I have been offered a replacement of my watch, but I really don't want to do it since it seems it's still happening for everyone, and everything works fine except of the HRV night readings. I'm inclined that is due to having huge spikes that then turn it off. I have wear it tight the last 5 days, improved a lot.. until yesterday when it came again.


    my Epix Pro has huge gaps in HRV data - Epix (Gen 2) Series - Wearables - Garmin Forums

  • My FR 965 has stopped recording HRV and sleep data. Feel free to contact me. Restarting does nothing 

  • All, 

    Thank you for your continual input and examples of HRV gaps during sleep. After further investigating these reports, we've determined that the gaps are due to restricted blood flow. Please see the following from What is Heart Rate Variability (HRV)?

    In some cases gaps in HRV data may happen overnight while the heart rate data shows for the full night. This is due to HRV having a quality requirement. If that requirement is not met, HRV will not be recorded during that time. These gaps in information can form when the heart rate sensor has difficulty getting heart rate. It can be caused by sleeping on your wrist, having the band too loose, or anything that causes a block of blood flow or movement of the watch on the wrist. We recommend wearing the watch with a snug fit that does not cut off circulation. A lot of movement while sleeping can cause this to happen as well so if you are an active sleeper you may see these gaps in your HRV information. 

    If you have any further questions or concern regarding this, please reach out to Garmin Product Support directly. 

  • But this does not explain why a hard reboot typically fixes the problem, or why it suddenly appears without any change in how the watch is worn.

  • Exactly this. This is nonsense, it's definitely a software issue and not related by the BS reasons now being mentioned.

  • Hahahaha is this kind of a joke? Out of the blue everyone started having gaps due to blocked blood flow or sleeping patterns. Totally no sense 

  • That's it, I'm switching to the Apple Watch now. They have developed software without bugs. Garmin, stop deceiving us and invest in people who can develop reliable software.

    Until your watches have basic functionality without bugs, I won't be switching back.

    With the latest Apple Watch update, they also have Vitality values.

    Goodbye, everyone!

  • I understand people’s frustration, I would be too but HRV does work flawlessly for many of us. I can’t explain how this could be the case if software issues were the root cause of the issues.

    In saying that, I also can’t explain why a soft reset would also resolve the issue for many.

    I have a suspicion that gaps may be linked to the OHR issues caused by new protocols introduced in later software versions. Perhaps the HR smoothing is impacting the quality requirement for some.

  • If it's triggered by a quite rare sequence of events (that somehow sets the OHR parameters to an incorrect state), it's quite possible that it's still software related, but just rare enough. 

    Or does 's comment mean it's actually a hardware problem that cannot be fixed in software, so Garmin is trying to blame it on users. Thinking

    I'm generally sympathetic towards Garmin's efforts to solve problems, but this is beginning to sound like hedging the problem, considering the number of recent reports.