No off-course alerts on watch-created routes?

After reading about the difference between a Course (a pre-planned route from an app or device) and a Route (like navigating to a POI when creating the route on the watch) it seems there are no off-course alerts for on-watch created routes, is that correct? I mostly use my watch to create a route to say a peak or point from where I currently am without my phone and never get off-course alerts even when going 100s of meters off course like runing past a turn deliberately.

Are on-device-created routes to POI/use map supposed to have off-course alerts working or are these only for 'Courses' sent via GC?

Here I picked a random track on the map via Navigate-Use Map-long press-Go (X), and once I got to the turn instead of going right I continued straight for maybe 300 meters and never once had an off-course alert. Does this work for anyone else using POI/'use map' route creations? Should it? I can't se anything in the file which indicates a turn was miss but perhaps that's just a log and no the route file?

No off-course alert using a POI route