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Running power completely off

Please check my running HR and power below. It was just a short easy steady run.

Stryd gives me 180-185 typically for these runs.

The 965 connected to my HRM-Run reported an average of 237W! Jee, i wish it was true.

Even  more strange: on my headset it was reported between 102 and 140W almost every round...

I think the watts reported on audio are too low and the final reported watts in Garmin Connect far, far too high.

Compared to the HR-zones the power zones are reported 2 zones too high!

Anybody else has this strange behavior? Could it be the HRM-Run strap? (about 2/3 years old).

  • Could also simply be a difference in algorithm between stryd and garmin... From what I read different manufacturers use different methods, there is no one valid standard and as a result comparing between manufacturers is very tricky and often not really useful. 

  • Thx, i get that. But just look at the HR-zones compared to the power zones. 2 zones difference! That's only Garmin!.

  • But just look at the HR-zones compared to the power zones. 2 zones difference!

    That's because your power zones are based on your run FTP/CP which presumably you have entered based on your Stryd power calculations.  As FlipStone mentions, Garmin and Stryd use different factors and the Garmin power reported will likely always be higher than Stryd.  You would need to update your zones based on a CP test using the Garmin power calculations to change what you are seeing.

    If you intend to use Stryd (which personally I find is more responsive than Garmin run power) then I would suggest you disable the Garmin run power for your running activities.

  • Thx Eric, you put me on the right track!

    I thought the CP would be auto adjusted as i configured.

    But my CP is 289 in Garmin, which is 100 higher than Stryd..

    lets see what it reports tomorrow.

  • Garmin run power is higher than stryd power, they use a different definition. For garmin, they calibrated their algorithm based on the force that you put into the ground, while stryd subtracts any "stored" energy in your tendons/calves:

    Your legs act as springs during running, storing some energy on landing, and releasing this energy back when you launch back up. This energy is passively stored, exactly like in a loaded spring. To include this stored energy in the calculations or to leave it out, that is what stryd conceptually does different than garmin.

    You can expect stryd power to be around 75% of garmin power, depending on your running form.

    There is also no necessary correlation between heart-rate and power zones. These are arbitrary definitions that do not necessarily need to read similarly - in fact often you have a different number of HR Zones than Power Zones. It is a mistake to compare HR Zone X with Power Zone X - unless you specifically set up your zones to correspond to each other in some way.

    PS: Garmin please make it possible to configure your watch to take the power of a stryd. I hate these fit files with double recorded power and the clumsiness and workarounds in displaying data.

  • Thanks a lot for the great explanation !