Garmin Forerunner 955 v02max flatline

Hello, I've had my Garmin 955 Solar since August 2023, run 6-7 days a week with HR values captured, and yet my V02 max has been unchanged at 63. This is with my mileage increasing and  frequency of quality sessions also increasing over the period. HR data is capture on every run, my HRV status is active, and even my training status seems ot fluctuate. I keep the software updated and am running on 17.24 Any help would be appreciated, this is frustrating!

  • I would note that my Runalyze file shows a fluctuating V02Max

  • The watch rounds up the VO2 Max value. Over the last few versions, Garmin has updated the way the VO2 Max is calculated (for running, at least). Compared with older watches, older versions, there are now much fewer run-to-run fluctuations of a point or so. Now, things move by hundredths of a point (as you noted you can see the small changes on Runalize or the fit file).

    If your VO2 max is between 62.50 and 63.49 included, your posted VO2 max is 63.

    Hoiwver, if you go to the training status widget, then to the VO2 Max sub-widget, you should see a graph that depicts the small changes. 

  • No need to be frustrated about it. This is a guess and still only based on the run! I'm running in snow right now, which means high heart rates at a lower pace because of the snow. Well, and VO2max is dropping precipitously... So I would appreciate a flat curve.

    The best way to see this is directly in the watch as Etupes25 writes above.

  • From what I can guess at, the reported VO2 max from Garmin on an activity (i.e. visible through Runalyze) is not an estimate for that specific activity, but simply reporting the rolling average that you would see on your watch face. In the end, both Garmin and Runalyze have settled at reasonably similar and decent enough estimates of my likely 5km, 10km, half-marathon times. Garmin seemed to have made a deliberate change to this 18 months or so ago. So you can no longer directly compare the reported values on an activity level, as one is a mean of many previous activities.