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Forerunner 955 Series Software Version 16.17

Software version 16.17 for the Forerunner 955 Series is now available and is at 50% Phased Rollout.

Change Log:

  • Adds muscle maps to HIIT, Cardio, and Pilates activities.
  • Adds the Endurance Score glance.
  • Adds the Hill Score glance.
  • Adds map types and map data field options.
  • Adds weather maps to the Weather glance.
  • Adds a Workouts app to the Activities & Apps list.
  • Adds new activities for team sports, racket sports, and more.
  • Adds notification watch face data field ability to display name or number.
  • Adds support for new Di2 cassettes.
  • Improves users' position on map during navigation.
  • Fixes Pace Pro screen freeze
  • Fixes flashlight not retaining last brightness level.
  • Fixes some issues with Spotify.
  • Fixes popularity map theme not being displayed.
  • Fixes issues with glance folders
  • Fixes Daily Suggested Workouts incorrect pace times.
  • Fixes CIQ Data fields only showing Time.
  • Fixes Pace Alerts Screen with no message
  • Fixes the heading bug during course navigation.
  • Various fixes for maps
  • Various other fixes
  • Includes GPS Firmware Update.
  • Includes Sensor Hub Firmware Update.
  • Includes Mobile Translations.
  • Includes Audio Prompt Updates.

This update went Live at 100% Rollout as of September 7, 2023, at 12:00pm Central Time (UTC-5).