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14.13 Pace and HR bugs

After updating to 14.13 indoor runs (track, treadmill, and virtual) do not detect pace. The accelerometer seems fine as it's detecting steps, but pace is either stuck at zero, or set to an arbitrarily low number. Heart rate also seems to be buggy. Using three different straps (2x Wahoo Tickr X and 1x HRM-Pro) which all read fine on my Edge 530 and Zwift, the watch will ready at absurdly high values during endurance runs. Have called Garmin twice, with little help. 

  • 955 14.13 and (HRM Pro+)

    Had the same on a treadmill, the number got stuck on 7km/h when it should be 10, 11 and 12 during warm-up.

    I did warm up for 3km (only 2km according to the watch) stopped the workout on the watch and selected the calibrate and save option.

    I started a new workout and after the new calibration it did respond to my speed changes, and weren't too bad in estimation either. I did another calibrate and save after the workout as well.

    It should indeed remember the old calibration and work after a FW update, not sure what the root cause was but it's a workaround.

  • Same issue here with my last two treadmill runs using my 955 after the 14.13 update.....pace stuck at zero for at leas the first 0.25mi then seems to be way behind treadmill pace once pace does finally come up