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Bug report 14.13: Infinite loop when resuming activity after checking recovery heart rate

Hi 955 team,

Yesterday my 955 solar updated from software version 13.23 to 14.13. Today I went for a run and noticed what I think is a bug with the 14.13 version.
I've been playing around with it and can reliably reproduce it:

Actions taken:

  1. Start recording an activity (Bug appears for multiple activity types, reproduced it with "Run","Treadmill", and "Strength".).
  2. Pause the activity.
  3. Go to the "Recovery Heart Rate" option in the pause menu and open the RHR screen.
  4. Press back to go back to the main pause menu (you don't have to wait for the final RHR to be recorded).
  5. Click "Resume".

Expected outcome:

  • The red circle on the edge of the screen turns green
  • The green "play icon" is shown
  • The activity is resumed.

Actual outcome:

  • The red circle on the edge of the screen stays red
  • The green "play icon" is shown
  • The activity seems to resume but is the screen still shows the pausing menu.
  • This behavior keeps repeating every time you hit resume, although in the background the activity seems to be alternating between paused/resumed state as you would expect.

Workaround methods (might be more)
1. Use the "Resume Later" option, go to the default watch screen, then go back to the activity, and use "Resume" again.
2. (As per comment of FlipStone) After step 5, hold the "Up" button until the menu appears. Now press back button to go back to the activity. The pause screen and red circle should be gone.

Additional observations:
If you hit either the "Save" or "Discard" option to finish the activity recording, the screen will remain on the "Saving" or "Discarding" screen indefinitely. This only happens when you've hit "Resume" an even number of times after step 5. It seems that the activity is resuming on the background when you hit step 5 of the reproduction steps, however the pause screen is shown somehow.

You can get out of this in two ways:
1. Reboot the watch, after which the activity is loaded again automatically and you can use "Save" and "Discard" options as expected.
2. (As per comment of FlipStone) Hold the "up" button, hit "change sport", choose another sport. After this you can again use the "Save" or "Discard" option.

Hopefully you can reproduce and solve it in the next version.



Version info:
Software version: 14.13
GPS: 2.37
Wi-Fi: 24.78
CIQ: 4.2.0
BMX: 11.0.3
WHR: 11.00.03
ANT/BLE/BT: 24.78
TSC: 1.14
Sensor Hub: 23.09
Delta Updates Download: Enabled
SYS Hash: 5f22efd

Updated: Added workarounds proposed by FlipStone in comments

PS: if you also experience this or can reproduce it please drop a comment down below!