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Forerunner 955 Series Software Version 14.13

We are releasing Software Version 14.13 for the Forerunner 955 Series.

Chang Log for 14.13:

  • Improves the incident detection logic.
  • Improves the indoor pace calculation.
  • Improves the alarm and timer organization.
  • Improves auto pause during ultra run activities.
  • Improves pairing with a phone to simplify the user input required.
  • Adds a chart data field option for select data fields.
  • Adds chart and graph scrolling on select screens.
  • Adds distance to next fork data field in trail run activities.
  • Adds support for entering an unspecified gender in the user profile.
  • Fixes issues with data fields used on watch faces and in activities.
  • Fixes issues with using a workout during an activity.
  • Fixes other minor issues.