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Training Status Shows Updated Status on Watch Widget, but Will Not Update in Garmin Connect

Training Status stuck for over a week at 530 load and maintaining 

  • Same issue here, all worked fine for a few days after switching from FR935 to FR955, but then acute load is stuck at same level both on FR955 and GCM. I have recorded workouts mostly on FR955 & a few rides on the Trainerroad app. 

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     Mine is updating but it’s just not realistic. I’m getting low training load from my exercises. 

  • Well that's then different issue, as if it's updating and it's reflecting the load that you get, but you just get too low load from exercises.

    I would check your HR settings, there has been issues with those. 

    Mine is still like:

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    i don’t know what to search from hr settings. It’s buggy and updating the max hr to 196 after every run. 

  • Setting HR zones per sport is buggy. Disabling auto-detection:

    Detecting Performance Measurements Automatically

    The Auto Detection feature is turned on by default. The watch can automatically detect your maximum heart rate and lactate threshold during an activity. When paired with a compatible power meter, the watch can automatically detect your functional threshold power (FTP) during an activity. NOTE: The watch detects a maximum heart rate only when your heart rate is higher than the value set in your user profile (Setting Up Your User Profile, page 80).

    1 Hold .

    2 Select User Profile > Heart Rate & Power Zones > Auto Detection.

    3 Select an option

    Side note: Very stupidly tied with detecting FTP :D I can imagine one wanting to disable the auto HR, but having lactate threshold and FTP still on :D 

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    Thanks. Yeah I mean the auto detection is buggy. It’s setting the max hr to 196 after every run and announcing that. It might stop announcing that if I disable the auto detection but don’t know if that will solve my issue. 

    50 minutes of interval training with an average hr of 150bpm. Training load only 70 :/

  • Having same problem training status nit updating. It's stuck on 530 load for last 4 or 5 days... Tried rebooting watch and looking for updates on Garmin Express but nothing has fixed it

  • I do think that there is a wide issue and it's not related to HRV or Acute load.

    I have switched from 945 to 955 on June 2nd (a day after the watch was released) and nothing changed from Vo2 Max perspective (remained 59) while on 945 I had higher values.

    over the past weeks I was able to do some great workouts and I do see that Vo2 Max improved on RunAlyze but on the watch, it remains "Steady".

    The only thing which changed was the Training Status (from Unproductive to Maintaining) after my HRV Values were finally updated (3 weeks time).


    Very annoying.

  • So I have turned off physio true-up and paused and restarted the training status... and whilst not fixed the acute load isn't showing the same everywhere on the watch.

    1. Training status widget still incorrect on both Acute load graph and acute load bar i.e. both show 'optimal.' Still not working.

    2. Training readiness widget: 'Factors' Acute load now shows 'low'.... so I assume Training Readiness is now calculating correctly. However still incorrect when I click on it it shows the graph and acute load 'optimal' and still stuck at 1198.

  • I think I kind of saw the same, both say now optimal as I'm not sick anymore, but as the graphs are what they are, Garmin Connect shows wrong data and etc, one doesn't have any visibility to the what it is and is it something else.

    But interested to hear, if you see anything somewhere later.