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Yet more Forerunner 955 bugs: Training Readiness & Connect sync

At least 2 bugs with Training Readiness:

1) Because Acute Load metrics are completely wrong (, and Training Readiness is derived from them, this metric is also completely wrong. It does not understand and underestimates the impact of previous training.

"...and lighter training lately have improved your training readiness". Rolling eyes

2) Just like with the Race Predictions, the integration/sync with the Connect App is also broken.

Opening Connect:

I check on the watch and it's actually 88 by now. No problem, let's force sync Connect:

I then open Training Readiness, and it shows 85 again! Going back to the main connect screen, and it's back to 85:

and on the main Connect dashboard it is also back to 85 now.

  • I find the Connect website syncs each morning, and then stays at that. I always go by the watch.

  • Yeah, my training readiness in Garmin Connect always says "Updated @ 06".  Right now, the app says 86, but my watch says 71 because I had a run at lunch time and my acute load/recovery time have been updated.

    Tap "Help" in the app, and you'll see:

    "Training readiness is continuously calculated and changes dynamically on your Garmin device throughout the day. However, only your score early each morning from your preferred activity tracker is displayed in Garmin Connect for that day."