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BUG in heart rate zones

Good afternoon,

I have a 955 solar and regarding the heart rate zones I have detected 2 errors.

The first one is that although I set the zones in a personalized way, the watch automatically after each activity "reconfigures" them and puts them by %, so it deconfigures everything.

The second is that having the heart rate zones correctly configured, on the web ( when I create a workout and set my heart rate zones as a target, it does not show them correctly, that is, it does NOT show me the ones I have configured.

Anyway, let's see if Garmin sees this thread and fixes this bug in future updates.

  • i don't think Garmin actively monitors these threads. i would suggest you open a ticket with Garmin directly and send them your information.

  • They do seem to to some extent, given the appearance of a Garmin rep in the crashes thread. Even so, raising a ticket seems to be the best way to get something noticed.

  • re 1: There is a setting to switch off calculation of max heart rate. If you turn it off, it will stop messing with your zones. 

  • Having similar issue with running vs cycling zones. It seems to revert back to only running zones while in indoor biking. 

  • I can’t set my zones at all. They also did not replicate themselves using Trueup from my current watch settings as all my other watches have done. I have logged it to Garmin directly as they just don’t seem to be giving us any support or acknowledgement like they do in the other watch model forums.  So dissatisfied with this so far.

  • The exact same thing happens to me too and frustrated me hugely in this morning’s run. 

    To try and sort this, i attempted to:

    1. Delete all workouts on the watch
    2. Reset the base HR zone
    3. Made sure the new zones were reflected in the “Running” HR zones
    4. Created a new workout based on Zone 2
    5. Sync
    6. Start workout

    The results? The watch alerted me “Too high” at completely the wrong HR and annoyed me.

    So I tried creating a workout based on custom HR, which seemed to work.

    However, when I completed the run and looked at my stats, the zones were all wrong and Garmin thinks i ran mainly in zone 3.

    The whole thing is so frustrating that I’m forced into ignoring zone 2 runs and just running to pace, which isn’t how I want my training to go at all.

  • Even if you disable the automatic detection of the 3 options (heart rate, threshold and FTP) they are still changed.

  • I see I was wrong. Switching max HR calculation does NOT stop Garmin from flipping Zones to %maxHF.

    My trainings are defined with distinct HR-Zones, so this bug does not affect my trainings.... only statistics.

  • I didn't try as hard to fix the issues, but exactly the same problem. When trying to do zone 2 training on the indoor bike it thinks I'm in zone 3 no matter what I try to customize or update biking zones.  Absolutely frustrating 

  • It seems that this bug have not been fixed, after updated into version 11.12.