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Open-water swim distance differs from the track recorded? (Todays swimrun 352m vs. approx 750m, unacceptable)


Did my first open-water swim today with 955. Track looks nice and smooth, but the distance is something that makes me think.

Garmin Connect reports 3810m: 

Opened the GPX in GPXSee as wanted to have a little bit closed look and it looked like it's 4k. Umm. Upload GPX to some online tool:

What are others seeing as open-water swim distance? Does it differ from the GPX track? 

Does anyone have any ideas/explanations to give?

Here is the exported GPX if someone wants to analyze it.

EDIT: Apparently this was just a mild issue compared to todays one. Link to it: 

  • I am having the same issue with my new 955 :(. 735XT has always been great/ accurate for recording, now my average pace has increased about 40+ seconds if i go by the distance logged on my last two swims!! 

    I did a comparison with the GPX file & Garmin from today's swim but they both said the same distance, however, if i look at the pace graph it shows clear points where it has dropped the signal (im assuming) and the pace drops off a cliff with it.  Garmin also thinks i stopped for more than 2 minutes during the swim when in fact I swam straight through.   I can't seem to upload a pic of this unfortunately. 

    Previous two comparable swims, as today's was a lot shorter:  

    955 - 1hr 44 min, 4010yds, 2:36 / 100yd pace

    735 - 1hr 40 min, 4511 yds, 2:12 / 100yd pace

    Have my first ironman in 10 days, bought the 955 specifically so it would last the length of the race so not best pleased about how inaccurate it is!

  • Same issues. Very disappointed. I wished I’d have kept my 945

  • If you want to upload a picture it's best to do it from the mobile website. On the desktop, for some strange reason, it wants a URL whereas on the mobile you get this button that takes you to your file manager. 

  • Have the same issue with my 955 watch. My swim time is recorded about 30sec. slower per 100m to what I usually swim. 

  • Garmin do not care. We are wasting our time discussing it.

    I have been discussing this with them for months. Given them log files (which they do not acknowledge receipt of and ask to do again). Have told them I am taking it back to the store, which I will be doing today for a AUD1300 refund. I was going to get a 955 as an alternative, but now see this  has the same issue.

    The ONLY way Garmin will care is if we all take our watches back and ask for a refund.

    Clearly someone has screwed up on the design on all their watches with this chipset and they cannot admit there is an issue due to the recall costs.

  • All,

    We have some other reports of Open Water Swim activity data in Garmin Connect (FIT File format) that displays differently than when exporting as GPX.  We are currently looking into these reports.  Once we have any new information to share, I will be updating this thread.

  • it would be nice to solve this bug also in Fenix 7 line, it behaves like 955.

  • Hello .  I encourage you to make sure to post about this issue in the fenix 7 Forum App or, better yet, reach out to your local Garmin Product Support team to report this directly to them.  See link below:

    Garmin Product Support

  • Hi, Fenix 6 have the same problem. Thanks and regards