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BUG: Custom lap alert message configuration has no effect during workout

Regardless of the configuration, a custom lap alert message remains default during workout. Only beyond / after workout end, custom alerts start to appear.

FR955 Solar
v 10.10

Default alert during workout:

Custom after / beyond workout during the same run:

  • I opened a case with Garmin on this issue (Ref: 22188352K1) and I can confirm this problematic behavior on my side too.

    So basically the issues are:
    1- on a structured workout when you have different “Run” steps one after the other you won’t see the lap alert (only information about the next step ==> run 1.61 km).

    From my perspective, it's useless since I prefer to know the required details from last lap instead of information of my next step (which was set by me).
    2- on a structured workout the lap alert will show only the primary field (lap time or lap pace depending on what we have set) and the lap distance. I expect to see primary and secondary fields from my settings.
    3-  manual laps after / beyond workout during the same run, we will see the correct settings (primary and secondary fields which are defined in lap alert).
    I previously owned FR 235/935/945/745 and the issue is only occurring now with FR955.
  • Hi,

    the same on my device. During normal activity I have auto lap set every 1km with my custom info: lap time and average heart rate on this lap. During created workout, before (warm up) or after (cool down) intervals there is also auto lap screen every 1km, but not mine, but default one.

  • I have the 955 Solar and I have the same issue. I like to have my last lap pace and avg lap hr. It make me not doing workouts sometime and just lap it manually.

  • All,

    I have confirmation that this is by design and not a bug.  If you would like to submit a request for this to change, please feel free to leave your comments by using the link below: