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FR955 Severe bug: Watch restarts if you press any button other than Light if you disable backlight.

In settings I disabled backlight until sunset to save battery, and it took me a day to find out why my watch kept restarting when I pressed any button. I really hope the QA team forwards this to be fixed asap. As for anyone else who has this I hope I save you the time of resetting & re-configuring the watch.

  • Of course not, that was not my point... my point was to actually be able to adjust the setting so that it wouldn't reboot all the time

  • I have noticed that in "general use" mode, even when completely disabled, backlight is turned on when I get from watchface to widgets either by down button or gesture. The same doesn't occur with up button or gesture.

  • I also have the same issue. Watch just keep rebooting all the time

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  • Yeah I've also had major issues where many basic functions of the watch cause it to crash and restart. Enabling "Battery Saver" mode caused it to get to a state where everything was continuously broken and I had to do a full factory reset to get it to go for more than 1 minute without crashing (maybe related to backlight).

    Using the "morning wake up info" feature (can't remember the real name) -- scrolling to the bottom causes the watch to crash.

    Trying to use a map for navigation in a workout -- crashes.

    Finishing a run workout and trying to save -- crashes.

    At this point I talked to the store that I bought it from, and they're waiting for more inventory but will exchange for a new one when it arrives. I figure it might just be an issue with the first round of watches being kinda broken, hopefully the next one works better.

  • I believe this is a bug related to the HR widget or glance. The backlight turns on whenever the HR widget is viewable on the screen. This was documented on the 945LTE, the 55, and now the 955 and 255. I just received a 255 and am sad to see all of the strange UI/UX bugs that I first noticed in the 945LTE still exist on these newer models. At least the GNSS is solid!

  • Many thanks for posting this. 

    EXACT same symptoms with me. I toggled my Settings > System > Backlight > General Use settings via Garmin Connect app (Android), re-synced and all came good. 

    For now ...

    Indeed - very worrying that this is a known symptom/bug that has been witnessed on previous versions of hardware (let alone firmware) ...

  • I think this bug is due to music. It happened to me immediately after loading mp3 audiobook files to the watch. After a while it just stopped rebooting by itself. Almost like takes the watch a while to process the music files.

  • my watch just rebooted mid run today, then got into this catatonic state of rebooting on any click. luckily the start/stop kept working so i was able to complete the run. after a few hours it was just fine.

    so not sure at all what is triggering this bug, may not be specific to any of the above mentioned but some combination of load leading to buffer overload which crashes the OS.

  • I ran into that bug without using the music functionality.