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Screen protector availability

I'm posting this to see what people are doing for screen protectors as they become available. I reached out to Supershieldz as I am really happy with their tempered glass protector for the 945. They responded that they should have the film version in 2 weeks and glass version in 3 weeks for the 955.

  • brotect has some compatible ones

    Used them for my 935 and 945 and happy with them, tried a 945 one I had left on the 955 just to see how it looks and how touch is. Guess ok? It's the 'airglass' one, also have one spare HD-clear one but want to sell that with the 945 watch itself maybe.

    Also wondering if it will impact solar intensity. Doesn't seem to impact it btw, just put the watch in the window with and without the screenprotectors and intensitaty is 15 regardless (cloudy here atm).

    Apparently there were 2 'fullhd clear' ones in the pack so can test with 1, touch seems better with the fullclear (non airglass) one even though both work. Clarity is decreased a bit it seems though (and it's more reflective I think?)

  • I have succesfully use identical protection from Enduro... fits quite nice border to border.

  • this is good info. can you share a picture? also, if it's not too hard, can you measure the protector? it seems that 41.5mm would break perfect. (my 40.5mm one seems just about 1mm too small in diameter)

  • interesting. i didn't give much thought to the variation from protector to protector. my supershieldz don't seem to affect clarity or touch screen sensitivity. that being said, i slapped on a protector for the moment i started using the watch so while i can vouche for clarity, i never used the touch screen without a protector, so what i'm experiencing is good enough and i'm living in ignorant bliss if somehow the protector is diminishing my touch screen performance.

    i'd love to hear your verdict on which of the Brotect is the best compromise. (although it doesn't appear the ship directly to US) i may have to wait for Supershieldz to come out with theirs which i'm one with since i have something that works even if a touch small.

  • @PatrickNSF do you know which "Model"/type protector you have? (see Flipstone's comment of several options now available from Brotech for the 955 Solar...wondering if HD Clear or Air Glass is the better option.

  • Yes, I have the BROTECH AirGlass. It's from my old 935 (I believe). I also have Supershieldz tempered glass from an old 245.

    The AirGlass is thinner than the Supershieldz and sits very slightly recessed from the 955 plastic bezel. It appears to be quite transparent, though I seem to remember the Supershieldz being very slightly more transparent (but thicker than the AirGlass). I didn't spend much time using the touchscreen without the screen protector but I think touch sensitivity is very slightly diminished. But it's slight, and I only notice it when I initially scroll from the watch face to glances.

    I think I stopped getting the BROTECHs when protectionfilms24 stopped shipping to the US. Between the two I prefer the BROTECH – it's significantly thinner. It bends more like plastic than glass.

  • thanks for the helpful experiences. yeah, i was all set to just buy both sets of protectors to try and realized they don't ship to the US. so i guess i will wait for Supershieldz and maybe if the proper Brotech is at Amazon for a reasonable price, i might go for the thinner Airglass you seem to like. the Supershieldz is working fine for me (i've used a couple other brands before too without any real complaints -- MIhence and Poyiccot -- on previous watches)

  • Enduro screen protector on FR955